Volume N°5


Politics of Publishing

Saturday, 23. November 2019, 14:00 - 15:00

Printing Plant Art Book Fair, Auditorium, at Looiersgracht 60

Marcel Witvoet (architecture publisher for nai010)

Pia Pol (publisher for Valiz contemporary art book publisher)

Justinien Tribillon and Christoph Miler (editor and designer, respectively of Migrant Journal)

Moderated by Francisco Moura Veiga (A FORSCHUNG/CARTHA Magazine/VOLUPTAS ETH Zürich)

From the Epic of Gilgamesh to the IKEA catalogue, every act of publishing is rooted in a will to convey a specific message in order to consequently promote a certain behaviour. Publishing is thus an intrinsically political act. 

The fifth volume engages in a discussion with a group of publishers about their intentions and perception of their publications within the discipline of architecture.


Volume N°4


Print & Periodicity

Wednesday, 15. May 2019, 18:30 - 20:30

ETH DARCH, at the "Rote Hölle"

TRANS Magazine (CH)

The Site Magazine (CA)

Delphi (CH)

Planphase (DE)

Moderated by Steffen Hägele (DU Studio/VOLUPTAS ETH Zürich) and Francisco Moura Veiga (A FORSCHUNG/CARTHA Magazine/VOLUPTAS ETH Zürich)

Beyond the positively overwhelming availability of content made possible by web publishing, the digital turn brought with it new ways of approaching print, periodicity, archiving and content production. 

In the Volume 4 of Publishing in Architecture, we will look into the choices of a group of different magazines regarding the relations between their formats, content, goals, audiences and their specific approaches to the production of printed issues.

Volume N°3


Publishing in Architecture

Friday, 3. May 2019, 19:00 - 21:00

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

In the frame of the Miss Read - Berlin Art Book Festival

Mark Wigley

Sandra Bartoli (Architektur im Gebrauch)

Albert Ferré (CCA, Montreal)

Olaf Grawert (Brandlhuber+/ETH Zürich)

Cédric Libert (CIVA Fondation, Brüssel)

Carlo Menon und Sophie Dars (Accattone)

Erica Overmeer (Impresión Mexicana, Index Architecture/Index Art Book Fair)

Moderated by Francisco Moura Veiga (A FORSCHUNG/ CARTHA Magazine/VOLUPTAS ETH Zürich) and Anh-Linh Ngo (ARCH+)

Das Publizieren dient in der Architektur seit jeher nicht nur als Kommunikationsmittel, sondern stets auch ihrer Neuerfindung. Es ist so gesehen ein architektonisches Medium. Der Theoretiker Mark Wigley stellt anhand historischer Beispiele die Rolle des Publizierens für die Disziplin vor.

Screen Shot 2019 04 07 At 13 21 50

Volume N°2


Perspektiven in der Architektur, Building as Publishing

Mai 17th 2018



Werkraum Warteck pp

Marion Fink

Andreas Ruby

Charlotte Truwant 

/ Dries Rodet

Caspar Schärer

Dominique Salathé

in collaboration with:
FHNW, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst 

Each building is the embodiment of a set of possibilities, conditions and intentions. A building contains information regarding not only itself, but also its context and its society. One could say that building is, from this perspective, an act of publishing.

The students of the 2nd semester from HGK Visual Communication designed a series of posters and short movies based on the buildings selected by the symposium participants.

Exhibition of the work from the courses:

Time Based Media: Fabian Kempter and Dirk Koy
Typografische Komposition: Prof. Marion Fink
Detailtypografie: Prof. Philipp Stamm 


Institut Visuelle Kommunikation 
2. Semester B

Umschlaghof Rheinhafen

Rheinhafen Umschlaghof: Ina Widmer Bandixen, Jiongmian Chen & Isabelle Auer

Wohnhäuser Hammerstrasse

Wohnhäuser Hammerstrasse: Aline Hermann & Olivia Groenke

Domus Haus

Domus-Haus: Lea Schindler & Giorga Spina

Kraftwerk Birsfelden

Kraftwerk Birsfelden: Florence Dreier & Anita Suter

Brauerei Warteck

Brauerei Warteck: Tim Keller & Benjamin Rietmann

06 Universitätsspital Basel F4

Universitätsspital Basel, Nadine Zürcher & Julia Gloor

07 Ciba Parkhaus F4

Ciba Parkhaus: Benjamin Kunz & Kenan Brunner

08 Silomit Aussichtsterrasse F4

Silo mit Aussichtsterrasse: Linda Surber & Noah Rohner

09 Apartment Building Along Aparty Wall F4

Apartment Building along a Party Wall: Jana Beyerlein & Raphael Benz

10 Tropenhaus F4

Tropenhaus: Adrian Pirlet & Lucian Kunz

11 Housewithatree F4

House with a Tree: Gil Graber & Moritz Eggmann

12 Siedlung Eglisee F4

Siedlung Eglisee: Fiona Braun & Meagan Hofer

Volume N°1


Publishing the Book

June 15th 2017


ZhdK House 2

Christophe Girot

Irina Davidovici

Florian Sauter

Sonja Hildebrand

Jørg Himmelreich


The inaugural volume of Publishing in Architecture explands on the current role of the book in Architecture. If historically the book acted as the main medium for the dissemination of architectural knowledge, its current relevance can be questioned. Nearly two decades after the announced “death of print”, the production of architecture books is thriving. It seems that despite the speed, agility and economy digital brought to publishing, architects and publishing houses still rely on books to get their messages across. Why is this so? What makes books relevant to publishing in Architecture? Which intentions and characteristics do books contain that allow them to thrive? In this symposium, in the HOUSE 2, under the viaduct facing Toni Areal, Christophe Girot, Sonja Hildebrand, Florian Sauter, Irina Davidovici, Jørg Himmelreich and Emma Letizia Jones (ALICE) shared with us their views and their books.